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Introducing "The Echo Project"

Welcome to the former home of The Praise House, our house church of the past ten years. We are excited to use this space for just a bit longer, to introduce you The Echo Project, an emerging mission to the creative community in the Denver area. A synopsis of this mission is below; more in-depth information can be found by clicking the links on this page. If you'd like to join our email list, have a prayer request, or would like to make a pledge, go to our Response Form. If you have any questions, please shoot us an email at


Jeff, Shelby and Joshua McQuilkin


What is The Echo Project?

The Echo Project is an emerging community committed to the promotion of the arts and the nurturing of the artist in the context of mission. It is, in essence, a seamless blend of creativity and mission, with a shared emphasis of promoting the value of creativity in our culture while demonstrating Christ's unconditional love within the creative community. The Echo Project will embrace a variety of strategies in the pursuit of these emphases, concentrating our efforts on those strategies that are most effective. Our mission field is the creative community itself, and we believe a community of faith will develop as we work within this field.

Our Approach to Mission

The Echo Project embraces an all-emcompassing approach to mission.  We are not simply engaging the creative community as a "front" for converting them to faith in Christ, but rather we consider our creativity (and the encouragement of creativity in others) to be an integral part of the work of Christ, and of "Father's business." We believe that the Bible teaches that Christ did not only come to redeem the souls of men and women, but to redeem all things to Himself.  We believe "all things" includes the arts; when creativity is promoted, it improves our quality of life on earth, and is therefore redemptive in scope.  We also believe that when humans are creative, it is a reflection of the creativity of God.  We believe that as we walk out these truths and seek to nurture creativity in people in a spirit of genuineness, we will plant good seed in the lives of people and make a postive difference in our world--and in the process, we believe the gospel will be demonstrated, Christ will make Himself known to people, and He will do the converting of their hearts.

To that end, our primary focus in these early stages of mission is to function as working artists embedded within the Denver creative community, forming meaningful relationships in the process and showing forth the love of Christ in that setting, person to person.

What the Name Means

The Echo Project is loosely inspired by 2 Corinthians 3: "But we all, with unveiled faces reflecting the Lord's glory, are being tranformed into that same image from glory to glory." (NIV)  As beings created in the image of God, we see our creativity as a reflection of God's creativity, a reflection of His glory. We are, in a sense, "echoes" of His glory.

Why a Mission to the Creative Community?

In previous years, there has been a great focus in Christianity on "redeeming the arts"--a concept we've participated in. However, that idea has really led more to "Christianizing" the arts, creating a Christian ghetto of sorts, taking our art off the world stage and displaying it only for a Christian audience--and losing our witness in the process.  We now feel it is more important to redeem the artist than the arts, believing that in the process, the arts will bring glory to God, whether or not there is an explicit Christian message within any specific expression.

Our Current Projects

  • Jeff--covering the music scene as a freelance writer/blogger; songwriting, preparing for public performances (Web presence:, The Oomph Music Blog, and recently, The Developing Artist)
  • Shelby--fine art photography, book/photography project showcasing creative women, launching a new web photo gallery (See,
  • Josh--promoting a completed short film at film festivals, writing a full-length film script
  • All--currently working on pooling our talents to create a promotional package deal for local musicans, including music videos, promo pictures and social networking

Projects We're Envisioning

  • Creating a dedicated space for the nurturing of the artist, involving several marketplace businesses including (but not limited to) a coffee bar, a venue for live performance and art display, a fine art gallery, and space for classes/instruction
  • A growing community of believers working in the community during the week and gathering in small groups regularly
  • A foundation for the purpose of funding creative artists
  • A life coaching program for creative artists

Where your donations will go (in order of priority):

1. Supplementing our growing income streams while we get the mission established.
2. Equipment, supplies and expenses deemed directly necessary to further the mission.
3. A building fund dedicated to acquiring the dedicated space we need for the next phase of mission.

All donations are tax deductible.

The Echo Project is being put together in alliance and fellowship with The Neighborhood Church in Littleton, CO. We are grateful to the leaders of The Neighborhood Church for supporting this vision while affording us the latitude to find our way through uncharted waters.





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